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Weaver Fuels is an authorized dealer of TempStar and Lennox central air conditioning systems. Our central air conditioning systems provide cool, quiet, economical comfort on even the hottest days of the summer.

A High Efficiency Central Air Conditioning System give you energy savings and high quality performance year after year.

Stay Cool & Save Money

on your cooling bills and avoid expensive equipment breakdowns.

Save up to $30 per month on your electric bill!

Every year, grass clippings, dirt and bugs build up and make your air conditioner lose efficiency and lower efficiency means higher bills. *Check with your local utility supplier about possible rebates!

What you can’t see CAN hurt you.

You can’t see inside your system. But without a tune-up, dirt and corrosion lead to a loss of cooling capacity. And to make matters worse, you may not realize that you’re in trouble until the hottest day of the year- the last day you need an equipment breakdown.

Book your air conditioning tune up today!

Our 16-point tune-up saves you money, extends the life of your air conditioning unit and prevents expensive breakdowns. Whether your system is new or old, every major manufacturer recommends regular maintenance. And no one does a more thorough tune-up than Weaver Oil Company.

People Count.

Each Weaver Fuel technician continuously updates his skills on all brands of equipment. All have the special skills and equipment for refrigerant recovery to protect the environment. And we never use subcontractors. When you get an A/C tune-up, get the best.

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16-point Cooling Tune-up


Lubricate all moving parts, like the blower motor and condenser fan.


Install gauges and record operating pressures and temperature.


Evaluate condition of air filters. Clean or replace with standard fiberglass filters (other filters extra).


Measure refrigerant charge and add if needed (additional charge applies). Search for major leaks.


Measure refrigerant superheat and subcool to fine-tune refrigerant charge.


Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow.


Inspect indoor and outdoor coils. (cleaning indoor extra).


Adjust tension of blower drive belt.


Test “temperature drop” at return and supply air.


Safety-test all controls for proper operation.


Meter voltage and amperage in all motors.


Test operation and condition of compressor contacts.


Inspect start and run capacitors and relay for bulges, rust or leaks.


Tighten and safety-test all wires and connections.


Clean thermostat and confirm proper operation, including mercury bulb.


Inform YOU about the entire condition, alert you to possible problem conditions, help you understand how your system works, and discuss no-cost conservation measures you can make to save even more money – with no hard sell on additional service or installation.

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