Since the 1930s, Weaver Fuels has been serving the Lehigh Valley with top-quality, professional heating services. It is poised to meet the challenges of the 21st Century by continuing its long-held tradition of providing excellent service to all of its customers. We are based at 639 E Congress St, Allentown, PA in the Lehigh Valley. Weaver fuel oil, heating, and air conditioning company is owned by brothers David and Larry Oswald. The company’s founder was the Oswalds’ grandfather, Ralph D. Weaver. Mr. Weaver had opened his business 91 years ago by selling coal, which had been, at the time, the principal fuel source that residents had used to heat their homes.

Fuel Oil

The company divested itself of the coal business that it had previously focused on, and has since concentrated on providing heating oil to its customers. You have probably seen many of our trucks on the road. In addition to home fuel oil, Weaver Fuels also provides delivery of kerosene & diesel fuel.

Weaver Fuels services and installs all types of heating and air conditioning equipment. We install heat pumps, oil, and gas fired heating systems. We also install and service water softeners, humidifiers, hot water heaters and air purifying systems.

HVAC Services

Here are some of the many different HVAC services that we provide to our customers: