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Serving the Allentown, Bethlehem, Catasauqua, Emmaus, Fogelsville, Macungie, New Tripoli, Northampton,Orefield and Schnecksville areas as well as Heidelberg, Lynn, North & South Whitehall, and Upper & Lower Macungie Townships for 91 years!

Weaver Fuels, a family owned business born out of the 1930 Depression, we provide fuel oil, heating and air conditioning services to the Greater Lehigh Valley areas of Pennsylvania. Weaver Fuels takes pride in offering their customers outstanding Service and Heating Oil Delivery at competitive prices.

Our Services Include:

Heating Oil Delivery - Heating System Repair - Air Conditioning Service

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About Us

Weaver Fuels has been serving the community for 91 years. They have come a long way from the day they opened their doors, selling coal to heat the neighborhood homes. Weaver Fuels has since evolved with the times.
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Weaver Fuels delivers competitively priced, high quality home heating oil throughout Lehigh and Northampton counties, while offering a variety of pricing plans for the convenience of our valued customers. We will never leave you in the cold!
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Air Conditioning

Weaver Fuels proudly provides high efficiency cooling options as an authorized dealer of TempStar and Armstrong central air conditioning systems. Our central air conditioning systems provide cool, quiet, economical comfort on even the hottest days.
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Service Plans

Service plans guarantee regular professional preventive maintenance for your oil burner and fuel tank. An oil burner cleaning, which is included in each of our plans , will increase your heating efficiency and allow you to save on heating costs.

Is Price the only factor when choosing a quality heating oil and service provider?

Occasionally, we receive phone calls from customers who see a low oil price advertised in the paper. They wonder how discounters can charge less. Are there risks involved in using them? Why should they pay more for oil from a full service company like ours?

Why the Price Difference?
Discount oil companies don’t make less profit-they just don’t offer most of the service, conveniences and protections that the vast majority of families really want. That’s why fewer than 10% of all heating oil customers buy their oil from discounters.

For example, many discounters:

- Don’t have their own service staff to respond to your problems.
When something goes wrong with your heater, you’re left to scramble for yourself. Even when discounters advertise “service available,” it’s usually from subcontractors who are notoriously undependable and will leave you high and dry.

- They don’t offer credit terms or budget plans
Leaving you to plan your deliveries around your paycheck and sometimes wait all day with cash in hand for the driver to show up.

- They don’t provide automatic deliveries
You have to watch your tank carefully and call for every delivery, which takes up a lot of time, especially when they deliver sporadically.

- They don’t have personnel on call
Around the clock, ready to help you in emergency situations.

- They don’t take steps to ensure the quality of the oil
That they put into your tank, which may lead to equipment breakdowns and expensive damage.

How We Deliver Real Value!

We’ve set up our company to treat your family the way we would want to be treated ourselves.

So in additional to offering all the services that discounters don’t:

- We keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency
To avoid wasting fuel.

- We hire professionals and continually train them
So we can solve most of your problems the first time.

– We employ enough drivers and service technicians
To respond to problems quickly.

- We provide service agreements
Which saves you money and help you avoid unexpected big bills.

– We have our truck meters inspected for accuracy
So you get what you pay for.

– We maintain hundreds of thousands of dollars in liability insurance, so you can feel confident in all your dealings with us.


P.S. Call us if you're interested in upgrading your existing system or if you want to get an estimate for a new central air conditioning system installation.

It may be more affordable than you think!


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